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Mike Weisman -  Story Start 

I became a licensed real estate agent five years ago. Prior to that, I experienced a significant financial setback which resulted in the loss of a considerable portion of my liquid net worth three years prior. Although the individual responsible faced jail time, it did little to mend our financial situation. We turned to real estate as a means to rebuild our future. Initially drawn to investment properties, my interest in the sector deepened, leading me to obtain my real estate license in Maine. I subsequently joined Keller Williams, attracted by their educational opportunities. After two years with Keller Williams, I transitioned to eXp Realty. Comparison between eXp Realty and Keller Williams: In my initial years at Keller Williams, the environment was conducive, and the educational offerings were valuable. However, as my second year progressed, I felt increasingly constrained by the traditional franchise model's limitations. In retrospect, these were the shackles of an outdated approach. eXp Realty appeared on our radar as an innovative alternative. Their concept of an agent-owned brokerage, bolstered by advanced technology, tools, and a revenue share system, particularly resonated with us. My three years with eXp Realty have been enlightening, especially when compared to my time at Keller Williams. The collaborative ethos at eXp Realty, where agents willingly share their strategies and insights, is genuinely unparalleled. Reasons for Transition to eXp Realty: The main driving factor behind our shift was the restrictive environment at our former brokerage. Their traditional franchise model, with its inherent limitations, especially concerning team formations and growth outside our immediate area, hindered our expansion. eXp Realty's revenue share program offers a leveraged income stream, something conspicuously absent elsewhere. What specifically attracted us to eXp Realty included their advanced technology, the collaborative spirit, the company's rapid growth, the revenue share potential, and its status as an agent-owned brokerage. Reflecting on eXp Realty's role in our future, we are even more optimistic than when we first joined. The company's trajectory has been exponential, and its technology, arguably the most agent-centric in the market, is constantly evolving. eXp Realty encourages feedback, and it's evident they are shaping the future of real estate. Role of My Upline in the Transition: I selected my sponsor at eXp Realty because of his impressive track record at Keller Williams and his role as a podcast host. His growth-focused approach, along with the guidance from those above him, was instrumental in our transition, facilitating increased production. Our relationship with our upline is closely-knit, marked by frequent communications, weekly meetings, and continuous brainstorming sessions, enriching our community. Challenges and Overcoming Them: Transitioning to eXp Realty brought its challenges, primarily in relocating our business and learning new systems. However, with the immense support and top-tier, complimentary training eXp Realty provided, we quickly overcame these hurdles.A misconception we had before joining was that eXp Realty was primarily about recruiting. This was swiftly dispelled when we realized that only a minority (around 10%) focus on recruitment, with the majority concentrating on selling real estate.Training and Support: eXp Realty's training, offering 60 to 80 hours of live sessions weekly, has been pivotal to our success. Conducted by industry-leading agents, the topics span from lead generation to team building. One of the standout training sessions is the "Icon Conversations", where top agents share insights on various real estate aspects. In terms of professional development, eXp Realty's offerings surpass those at Keller Williams. Here, all agents have complimentary access to a wealth of resources through platforms like eXp University. Technology and Tools: eXp Realty's technological tools have transformed our daily operations. We frequently use SkySlope for transaction management and Workplace for agent collaboration. Additionally, the proprietary eXp World system offers a virtual environment to interact with different company departments, making tasks more streamlined.

Story End
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